These are all the gifts from Eva - I loved each and every one of them:
- a Lanarte chart (Butterfly Fairies)
- a kit (Xmas cards)
- some aida band with gold edges
- some "Halloween" floss
- DMC linen
- a lighthouse kit and a magnet
- a cute notebook
- a small pillow (can you stitch the centre?)
- a bath salt and foam - blueberry
- more of these adorable Xmas cards, twice

- a shower cream
- sky blue evenweave
- stckers and heart charms
- A Good Night - Santa 04 by Lizzie Kate 
- another LK Santa chart - Ready of not, here I come - Santa '01
- candles (pine)
- colourful pins and so many different ribbons - next year I'll finish my first flatfold, finally...
- a keychain with many beads
- magic towels
- a collection of pins and elegant, tartan ribbons (my DD has already chosen her one!)
-  Doris's Ornaments by Chen Designs!
- a great package of cards and accessories to decorate them with
- chocolate
- Cross Stitcher - the Christmas number