Kirsichallenged me to tell about the five senses, how cool!

1. Sight: I love to see everything beautiful, whether it is interiors, decorations, nature scenes, flowers, handwork, stitching. Unfortunately this doesn't imply at my house... (see the next challenge :P)
2. Smell: The best scent is clean laundry (dried outside). I like many scents too and would like to light scented candles everyday, also incences, but the rest of the family don't enjoy them. Todhe scent ofay I was enjoying the scent of licorice on a felt pen :)
3. Hearing: Music is my passion, but as I have a husband with a hearing aid (background noise really bothers him) and a teenage boy who listens to ...something he calls music... I tend to listen more rarely. Well, I'll try and locate my MP3... And I listen to the TV when I stitch.
4. Taste: Almost any food, pastries and so on tastes good!
5. Touch: I adore Dinky Dyes' silk floss, they feel SOOOOOOOO soft.

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This challenge from another Kirsi...

The challenge is to reveal seven things about myself:
1. I am real lazy, bone-lazy - you can see it here in my home which could easily be chosen for "How Clean Is Your House?" (none of us four is very eager to clean...)
2. I could live on chocolate...
3. I hate wasting food; we usually eat the same for two days and leftovers on the third.
4. I like to stay up when everyone else goes to bed, just enjoying the silence.
5. I am originally from "the only crossroads that has town priviledges", Raisio.
6. I feel completely at home both in London, UK and in St. Petersburg, Russia.
7. I was an excellent student at school (except P.E.), the good girl.